In a cellar where anxiety and blind confidence collide, desperate sounds are set to flame. Marshall law screams out shallow skulls propulsed by human error. Walls of white wash marbled black. This is the freedom as a captive of sin. There's no future here so let it burn us clean.

December 2, 2010

Exerpt from Christian Mistress interview with Chaos Vault Magazine (Poland)

Christian Mistress; quite original name, who was the founder of it and the whole band? In the other words; please tell us about your short history, genesis of the band and the moniker etc. I know it might be
boring, but You know, when You will be famous as Iron Maiden then You will have a free of it, haha!
Agony & Opium; from where You took the title? If I'll take a risk and say that it have some in common of religion (regarding the sentence of Karl Marx and for example lyrics for "Home In The Sun"), how far from the truth I will be?

O: Ryan and I(Oscar) had started working on the project in 2007 it didn’t come together until Nov/Dec of 2008. That’s when we completed a solid line up with Reuben, Christine and Jonny. Rueben came up with the band name and here we are!

C: The Album title “Agony and Opium” comes from a description by Antonin Artaud of a river where “The rivers flow the color of agony and opium”. Artaud describes a scene during medieval plagues where corpses are piled in high pyramids and the vain that have not yet developed outward plague symptoms fall dead in their tracks of non-visible symptoms just as contempt for the ill racks their minds.
We like religious contexts, but by in no way do we adhere to any religion ourselves. Home in the Sun is a song about unrequited love, damnation and the struggle of doing what you know is right for yourself as a person no matter how unacceptable it is in society.